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Our Photos

This is a collection of family photos to help you put a face to our Jack and some of the other characters in the book.©

A brief overview of the book will help you place these photos. Jack was in the Coldstream Guards from 1909 to 1930. His battalion, the 2nd battalion left Victoria Barracks at midnight the morning of the 12th August 1914 to join with the  First and Third Battalions to lead the British Expeditionary Forces to WW1 in Mons, Belgium. They became known as the Old Contemptibles. He was at the battle of Mons and covered the rearguard action for the First Corp, know as The Retreat from Mons. He was blown up and bayoneted twice (whilst unconscious) during the retreat and survived to be incarcerated in a German P.O.W. camps Sennerlager and Soltau. He returned home on Christmas day 1918 to his wife Elizabeth and daughter Grace. He went on to win the British Army heavyweight boxing title for the Coldstream guards and was in the winning Army   rifle shooting championships. In 1926 he carried the wreath along with another Coldstreamer for the dedication of the Guards Memorial in Horse Guards Parade.

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Guardsman Jack Cardwell 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards

1. Guardsman Jack Cardwell no 8520 1919 circa.

Coldstream platoon

2. Coldstream Platoon circ 1919, Guardsman Jack Cardwell third from right-rear.

Dad with Army buddies

3. Jack with Army buddies circa 1914. Sadly very few, if any, returned.

Dad carrying the wreath

4. Carrying the wreath at a dedication. Not sure if it was the 1926 one though.

Dad's Hymn book

5. Jack's hymn book from the prison camp and his drawings.

Dad marching

6. Marching somewhere in London circa unknown.

Tobacco tin from Princess Mary

7. Tobacco tin presented to all troops from Princess Mary Christmas 1914.

Dad with fellow internees

8. P.O.W. camp with English, French and Belgium internees. Jack is sitting holding the rabbit. (which they bred for food)

Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards

9. Coldstream Guard Certificate.

Dog Tag  Joe (Jack) Cardwell

10. Dog Tag

Dad, Grace & Adelaide

11. Jack, Grace and Adelaide.

Letter from the Queen thanking Terry

12. Letter from the Queen thanking Terry

© Please be aware that the copyright for all these photos belongs to the author and these photos may only be used with express written permission of the author.

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